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About Us

MEK PIPING s.r.l. is synonymous with competence and technological quality. It employs highly qualified personnel with many years of experience and professionalism such that the facility can respond to any need, enriching its product range with its state-of-the-art production facilities. Solutions to the problems of numerous client companies have enabled the company to gain increasing knowledge in a variety of areas of the mechanical industry.

MEK PIPING S.r.l, was established in 2009 and is engaged in the production of Valves, Flanges, Forged Fittings, BW Fittings, custom parts.
Since its inception, the company has aimed to enrich the range of products it offers through its state-of-the-art production facilities.

The Power
of Family

Mek Piping S.r.l., located in the town of Poggiorsini (BA), has a production area of about 1,500 square meters used for production, testing and preparation of material for shipment.
It also enjoys an uncovered area of about 7,000 square meters and boasts a staff of about 30 people who follow all stages of the supply chain, from planning to shipping.
Thanks to the knowledge of shipbuilding activities and the know-how acquired in solving real and unforeseen problems in the field, using the skills of the employees on staff, it is able to provide constant support at the crucial stages of work on the construction sites where the materials produced and marketed will be used.

Production and Storage

Over the years, MEK PIPING S.r.l. has adopted cutting-edge techniques by equipping itself with high-tech systems that allow it to remain on the market and in step with the times. The migration to industry 4.0 has allowed an improvement of the entire Supply Chain, with the adoption of Just in Time and Lean production techniques.

The skills developed over the years in the industrial products market allow our company to be at the forefront in the realization of:

  • Manual, On/Off and Control Valves (ASME, API, BS EN ISO, AWWA)
    • Floating Ball Valve
    • Trunnion Ball Valve
    • Gate Valve
    • Plug Valve
    • Butterfly Valve
    • Globe Valve
    • Check Valve
    • Control Globe Valve
    • Strainer: Y-Type, Tee-Type, Bascket Type, Temporary Inlet Type
  • Flanges Components (ASME, UNI EN, AWWA, API)
    • welding neck,
    • slip-on,
    • socket welded,
    • weldoflange,
    • flangiolet,
    • long welding neck,
    • orifice
  • Forged fitting
  • Orifice Plate (UNI ISO 5167)
  • Branch Connections (EN 13480-3, ASME)

All our production is aimed at serving and satisfying a large slice of the market, respecting all the requirements dictated by the European, American and International standards of usability, assembly, maintenance and safety.

Experience and Know-how

Thanks to the collaboration of our engineers and professional and experienced workers, we are able to create customized articles that allow us to expand our know-how and facilitate the growth and development of the company. The combination of the experience of the production department and technological innovation allows MekPiping to design and produce different types of valves:

  • ball valve
  • gate valve
  • globe valve
  • check valve
  • plug valve
  • trunnion ball valve
  • floating ball valve
  • control globe valve
  • strainer: Y-Type, Tee-Type, Bascket Type, Temporary Inlet Type

according to the most common standards:

  • API (6D, 6DSS, 6FA, 598, 607, 608, Q1 ),
  • ASME,
  • ASTM,
  • BS,
  • ISO,

Plant engineering innovation

Technological development and process innovation in the design and construction of industrial plants represent the only solution to the challenges we are called to face.

Design: a sequence of choices

The Technical Department carries out executive and detailed design activities, to provide a complete service that takes into account, from the very beginning, the procurement, prefabrication and assembly phases. It also exercises the function of technical support to construction sites, to address complex problems. The design is carried out by qualified personnel, according to the regulations and making use of technologically advanced supports. The entire process is aimed at creating products that optimally meet the explicit requirements in force throughout the entire life cycle of the product itself, minimizing the problems related to production stops and non-conformities.

Our team

  • Giorgio Zuccaro
    General Manager
  • Gianni Gaudio
    Project Department
  • Lucia Mancini
    Commercial Department