About Us

Mek Piping Ltd., was founded in 2008, the headquarter and operating site is located in Poggiorsini (Ba). The choice of the location guarantees to Mek Piping Ltd the Leading position in the South-East of Italy.

Mek Piping LTD., operating in particular construction activities and industrial installations, gained experience in the industrial field , both in  National and International areas.  



What we do…

The Company  proposes targets of steady grow in the markets assuming a position of leaderschip in engineering and construction areas for metalworking sectors, petroleum refining,  chemical, petrochemical, thermoelectric and off-shore platforms.

We are specialized in the construction and mounting of installations for energy production, materials procurement; supply and prefabrication of piping, carpentry and metal work; mechanical assembly; general maintenance of any plant. The consolidated experience as main - contractor and the high professional workers, enables activities such as:

  • special welding,
  • heat exchangers,
  • reactors, scrubbers, skids,
  • boiler complexes,
  • gas stations,
  • oil vapor separator for gas turbines,
  • pumping stations.


Manufacturing and stockage…

of several types of Valves (ball, gate, globe, check, butterfly…etc), Flanges (welding neck, slip-on , socket welded , weldoflange. Flangiolet, long welding neck, Orifice) and many Fitting items is necessary to serve a huge market share and satisfy all the needs in the shortest time.

Supported by the engineering department, professional and experienced  workers , we are able to fulfill particular design requests allowing to extend the Company know-how and growth.


The Quality Management System…

In accordance to our policy we  aim to achieve the best Standards of Quality by providing products / services comply with the customer requirements; controlling and exploiting the supplies to ensure the conformity of the goods to standards; training of the people involved in the execution of business processes.

The Company established is own internal Quality Management System, and has been accreditated ISO 9001:2008 by RINA SERVICE SPA.

In the course of the 2014 we also received the qualify as Total E&P Spa Italia accreditated supplier. 

The pursuit of these objectives is assessed by appropriate indicators and target audience , client’s satisfaction is our priority.


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